Paddle Stars Ladies Steal the Show

The Paddle Stars race in Daytona Beach left me tired and achy, but not without a giant smile on my face. This race showcased some of the best and most talented paddlers in the sport with the likes of Danny Ching and Slater Trout. And although, their presence at this race took center stage, I […]

Florida Cup 2014- Kicking off Day One of Training

Nine weeks and five days out until the Florida Cup- an eight mile SUP race around Treasure Island, Fl which includes the open water and intercostal waterways. I’m excited and nervous because I feel like I have something to prove, but that’s just me (I think), putting pressure on myself to excel and do well. […]

Ready, set, SUP!

You never know what to expect on race day. The Pacifico Paddle Challenge hosted by Saltwater Kite and Paddle on St Pete Beach and Pacifico Beer provided a few unexpected surprises I did not foresee coming. Over the past two months I have been prepping and training for the Elite 8 Mile Distance Stock Board […]

Harvest Time Ministries International

My experience with Harvest Time Ministries International added fuel to the fire in my search for spiritual growth. The ladies of the congregation, despite the physically rigorous and demanding “Holy Fit!” boot camp I was about to put them through, welcomed me warmly with smiles and hugs. Prior to their workout I eased them in […]

Holy Fit! at Harvest Time Ministries

Holy Fit! My Health and Fitness Journey to Spirituality

My Health and Fitness Journey to Spirituality I was baptized Catholic.  I donned a Catholic school girl uniform from kindergarten through high school, which I modified like every good Catholic school girl did, by rolling up my skirt to make it way shorter and folding up my sleeves for a much “cooler” look. I attended […]

Garry Menk of Fuacata Sports talks with OHPT's Melissa Trinidad as she navigates her way through the world of high performance SUP Boards.

Stepping It Up – The Transition from Recreational Paddler to SUP Racer

Part 1: Finding the right fit I do what I love and over the past few years I have fallen in love with Stand Up Paddleboarding. Last year I took my recreational pastime and stepped up into the world of SUP racing. I won my first race, a three-mile “fun race,” on a 10’6 stock […]

Growing Pains

My muscles, especially those in my neck and shoulders are in a constant state of achiness. However, I can feel my fitness level improving.  Along with the pain, comes the gain. I can sustain higher intensity outputs for longer durations. Anaerobic cardio is working. Rope undulation, butcher sprints, and dynamic core work are developing my […]


  September 24, 2013   Forty-five days and counting. I’m in week two of my eight-week training program, which is broken down into two, four-week phases. Strength training, conditioning, flexibility, and, of course, Stand Up Paddleboarding are all components of this program.   So far this week I’ve completed two days of strength circuit training. […]